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Skin Micro-Needling

Designed for clinical skin rejuvenation of the face, hands, neck, décolletage and certain areas of the body requiring targeted skin regeneration treatment. Dermal Pen PRO creates controlled micro-injuries that trigger the skin’s natural healing response, inducing collagen and elastin synthesis to reveal a rejuvenated, more youthful and voluminous complexion.

There are three phases to the wound-repair process:

Phase I: Inflammation. Piercing the skin triggers your immune system to disinfect the wounds, remove debris, increase blood flow and begin to create new tissue.

Phase II: Proliferation. The wound is rebuilt with new granulation cells, which are part of the extracellular matrix. Additionally, a new network of blood vessels develops.

Phase III: Remodeling. The wound is replaced with new dermal tissues and blood vessels.

  • Tightened and firm ageing and lax skin
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines, folds and wrinkles
  • Reduced appearance of acne and chicken pox scars
  • Lightened appearance of hyper-pigmentation
  • A clearer, brighter, fresher skin tone
  • Reduced appearance of enlarged pores
  • Improved appearance of stretch marks and surgical scarring
  • Increased resilience and volume of thinning skin
  • Treatments take approximately 30-60 minutes. Visible improvements can be seen from as little as 14 days post-treatment with long term results achieved after 4-6 treatment sessions.

    Skin Needling    
    Treatment AreaFull PricePre-Pay 3Pre-Pay 5Pre-Pay 6
    Full Face$249$615
    Face + Neck$419$1011
    Face + Neck + Décolletage$499$1221
    Acne Scarring$189$432
    Surgical Scarring – 4x4cm$109$267
    Body Area (hips, thigh or stomach) – 5cm x 10cm$209$534

    Upgrade your skin needling treatment to include LED for $59

    Purchase a pre-pay pack and receive a complimentary express Hydrodermabrasion or LED.

    LED Light therapy
    LED Light is a highly effective treatment healing, soothing inflammation, antibacterial & reducing redness. LED light accelerates wound healing and stimulates damaged cells and tissue renewal, promoting collagen & elastin production helping in minimising and managing: signs of ageing, acne, improving skin tone & texture, resulting in youthful glowing & toned looking skin & complexion