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  • Your Attitude – The way you do life
  • Your Altitude – What you get out of life
  • Your Gratitude – How you acknowledge life’s blessings
  • Your Beautytude – The way you show up to life

Beauty comes from more than just a healthy skin, it comes from a healthy mind. In this crazy world, skin is subjected to more than just physical skin stress with anxiety, depression and stress key triggers of inflammatory responses leading not just to problematic skin but to poor health too.

With this in mind, the in-clinic only GINGER&ME Neurocosmedics Mindfulness Sessions were created to support healthy skin and empower a healthy mind. A skin treatment combined with a POWER-TUDE Mindfulness Session where guests can put on their GINGER&ME Headsets, forget the noise of the outside world and focus on a guided mindfulness session that will calm, refresh and ultimately inspire them to ‘choose their tude’.

The concept covers three key points: Skin, Mind and Power-Tude.

Skin: The acknowledgement that the skin is the largest organ in the body and deserves the utmost attention for its preservation. The blessing that modern day, high-tech actives used in skin care (when used in their functional dose) can trigger a physiological difference and support skin health and cellular behaviour.

Mind: The realisation that modern living; the fast-paced world we live in, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, the pressure of social media (the list does not end here) is challenging our mental health. The fact that whilst we may be physically present in a moment; mentally we are not. Mindfulness gives the opportunity to stop and pay full attention, to observe your thoughts, feelings, the sensations of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound and to be fully aware of your surroundings.

Power-Tude: The power of being aware of your personal needs and nurturing them, fitting your oxygen mask first so you are better equipped to helps others. The strength of inner-peace; that allows you to be in control of your behaviours, reactions and actions. The opportunity to choose your TUDE; your attitude, your altitude, your level of gratitude and ultimately your beauty-tude; putting you in life’s driver’s seat, taking the controls so that you may be the best version of you, making the most of life’s blessings.

Ginger and me Mindfulness Skin Treatments to support skin health and empower a healthy mind
Ginger and me Neurocosmedics works on a cosmetic-medicine level to specifically counteract two modern-day skin distruptors stress and neuroaging. In today’s world our mental state is constantly being challenged, connection with people is in fact disconnected and we seem busier than ever. With this is mind we wanted to introduce a service that concentrated both on skin and mind. These MINDFULNESS facials are designed to treat skin conditions while experiencing a professional MINDFULNESS meditation session. Join us today for a treatment that gives birth to beauty from the inside out, first evident in a smile and a sense of peace.

Age Defying Facial
1 Hour $139 
Welcome ritual, double cleanse, power exfoliant, massage, Cranberry Anti- Ageing Alginate Mask, MINDFULNESS session.
A skin-mind anti-ageing powerhouse of actives rich in Omega 3&6, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost skin health, protect it from external aggressors, correct and prevent the signs of premature ageing whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.

Brightening Facial
1 Hour $139 

Welcome ritual, double cleanse, power exfoliant, massage, Lemon Brightening Sheet Mask, MINDFULNESS session.
A skin-mind enlightenment; bringing skin and mind clarity to life; prevents skin pigmentation with an immediate brightening gratification; evens out skin tone, gives skin radiance and glow whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.

Purifying Facial
1 Hour $139 

Welcome ritual, double cleanse, power exfoliant, massage, Green Tea Purifying Mask, MINDFULNESS session.
A skin-mind detox; decongesting, purifying, anti-bacterial and oxygenating for skin clarity, to reduce breakout and re-balance the skin whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.

Signature Facial
1 Hour $139  

Double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask, scalp massage.
A wholesome skin-mind experience created for skin health and mental well-being. An experience guaranteed to leave your skin glowing from within, your mind alive and your being empowered. The first GINGER&ME treatment for all skins and the only one for a one-off game-changing treatment.

Hydrating Facial
1 Hour $139 

Welcome ritual, double cleanse, power exfoliant, massage, Cassia Hydrating Sheet Mask, MINDFULNESS session.
A skin-mind moisture explosion guaranteed to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin and mind; plumps and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, supports critical cell-to cell communication whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.

Corrective Advanced with LED Light
1.5 – 2 Hours $209 

welcome ritual, double cleanse, power exfoliate, sonophoresis infusion, massage, LED, mask, MINDFULNESS session.
A skin-mind final curtain; the crème de la crème experience incorporating non-invasive yet super effective devices to support the ultimate skin journey whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.


Hydrodermabrasion / Microdermabrasion 
1 Hour $110 /  30 min $80

Non-invasive light cosmetic treatment using mechanical (diamond head tip) medium to gently exfoliate and remove the top outermost layer of dead skin cells, revealing even, healthy skin complexion & tone, reducing open pores, promoting collagen production, removing congestion & rejuvenates skin.

Bio-hydra moisture infusion treatment
45 min $95

A hydrating and moisture-locking treatment which will replenish thirsty skin, illuminate the complexion and combat dehydration. Key ingredients Hyaluronic acid binds water, has the repetitive molecular structure that occurs naturally in the skin, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. This treatment includes a unique fibre mask made from biodegradable wood pulp to reactivate the natural hydration levels. Your skin will be left glowing and rejuvenated.

Age vita-renewal treatment
1 hour $95

Designed with one thing in mind – results. Based on A highly-concentrated vitamin C, E and Green Tea mask is applied to your face, neck and décolletage, while you indulge with a scalp, hand and arm massage to give you entire relaxation this treatment works to calm, hydrate & strengthen mature complexion while restoring youthful radiance & aiding reduction of visible signs of ageing help correct and diminish hormone related damage (age spots), strengthen & support skin structure. This facial is finished off with an indulgent face massage, hot towels and protective finishing products for your specific skin type.

AHA / Lactic/ mandelic / lactic + enzyme peels
1 hour $95 / 30 min $70

The aha rejuvenation peel and lactic+ enzyme peel have been formulated for those wanting a rapidly renewed complexion. Both peels have been developed to aid in resurfacing the skin, improving hydration, to refine, brighten and bring clarity back to the skin. The Peels start at 13% (aha rejuvenation peel) and go up to 34% (lactic+ enzyme peel). They are carefully selected for your specific skin concerns. Stand-alone treatments or as a course of 6 peels, over 6 -12 weeks to ensure you receive the maximum benefits

Back facial
1 hour $95

Cleansing and purifying back pores, using steam and performing extractions, massage & using beautiful products to clear the skin from scarring, breakouts, dryness & dead skin cells. Revealing beautiful fresh, glowing skin.

OrganicSpa facial
1 hour $95 / 30 min $70

Designed to soothe and hydrate even the most dehydrated skin. Replenish and invigorate stressed, weary skin during this 60 minutes treatment. Included is a complete skin diagnosis, deep cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage using the healing jade stone rollers to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage while promoting product penetration, application of soothing mask to suit skin needs with nourishing facial oil.

Ultrasonic facial 1 hour $110 
This high-grade treatment uses ultrasonic waves to exfoliate and remove the top layer of dead skin cells, while cleansing & decongesting the pores.
Followed with tailored products infused with microcurrent resulting in visibly plumper, firmer and clearer skin reduced pore size & fine lines with overall improved hydration.

Sonophoresis facial
Full face $99 | Prepay 4+ treatments $316 ($79 each)
Face and neck $129 | Prepay 4+ treatments $412 ($103 each)

A relaxing, non-invasive treatment using ultrasonic (sound wave) technology shown to increase penetration and absorption of active ingredients, increasing skin circulation & tone leaving skin smooth, firm and hydrated. This deluxe facial is suitable for all skin types and delivers excellent results. is gentle, non-invasive and safe for all skin types and conditions.
Providing intense infusion of powerful vitamin-based serums deep into the skin. Resulting is a high level of smoothness, radiance & hydration. delivering low-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, dramatically improving absorption of powerhouse vitamin serums & moisturisers. These vibrations open small spaces between the skins cells. Improving product penetration enabling deep repair & reconditioning of the skin, Sonophoresis is said to be a thousand times more effective than traditional massage in the delivery of skin serums, making it one of the leading anti-ageing facial treatments. This beautiful deluxe treatment will revitalise the skin, reduce fine lines and pigmentation, while delivering anti-oxidants that stimulate collagen and boost skin radiance

Multi-detox clay treatment
1 hour $95

High potency multi-clay mask promotes cell renewal, drawing impurities while detoxifying and calms all skin types Included in this facial is included complete skin diagnosis, cleanse, exfoliation, then a detoxifying clay mask is applied to your skin whilst you are treated to a scalp, hand and arm massage with our luxurious massage oil key ingredients Kaolin, Green tea extract, Hyaluronic acid & Bentonite.

Multi Vitamin Infusion Facial
1 hour $95

Using an advanced formula of Vitamin A, C, D, E & F this illuminating treatment will brighten the skin giving it a glow while boosting hydration and radiance. Revitalising, clarifying & recharging skin cells with LED light therapy energy increasing vitality, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, evening tone and texture and making even the dullest skin luminous and radiant.

LED Light therapy Facial
1 hour $110/ 30 min $80

LED Light is a highly effective treatment healing, soothing inflammation, antibacterial & reducing redness. LED light accelerates wound healing and stimulates damaged cells and tissue renewal, promoting collagen & elastin production helping in minimising and managing: signs of ageing, acne, improving skin tone & texture, resulting in youthful glowing & toned looking skin & complexion.


Steam & Extractions $20 

High Performance Masks (Vit C / Hyluronic Acid) $25 

AHA / Lactic/ mandelic / lactic + enzyme peels $45 

Uber peel $65 

Bio-hydra infusion $45 

LED light therapy $45 

Ultrasonic/ Sonophoresis $45