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Fathers Day is coming up on Sunday 6th September... Why not spoil your Dad or your Hubby or that special person with a simple to use organicspa regime ...

This pack includes full sized:

* Cream Cleanser - this beautiful cleansing product is organicspa number one seller in our range. The versatility of this cleanser is outstanding. Used for combination, normal, dry skin types & mature, sensitive skin conditions. The most sensitive skin can benefit from using this cleanser due to the calming, soothing & repairing effect to the skin. The organicspa Cream Cleanser emulsifies makeup, daily residue & oil. Leaving the skin clean.

Not only is it the prefect cleanser but it can be used for the follow
* Fantastic shaving base for the most sensitive skin types
* Mix with face oil to remove long wearing makeup
* Leave on for a deeper cleanse
* Use as a gentle alternative to soap on irritated areas like rashes on the stomach from surfing etc (but please be careful recommending it for this use as I do not recommend to use it on everyone- get a clearance from a doctor to use on irritations).

* Nourish Oil - contains a blend of luxury oils from all over the world: praxi seed oil, coconut oil, argan oil, chia seed oil, rosehip oil are packed full of vitamins & essential fatty acids. This light weight body oil offers the benefits of healing, soothing, hydrating & the repairing formulation brings life back into the skin

* Detox & glow tea - this soothing & detoxifying formulation features pepper mint, rosehip with elder flower to help boost immunity, calm the stomach and soothe the digestive tract. With the added bonus of refreshing lemon myrtle and hibiscus flavours providing antioxidant and cleansing proper ties.

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